Culture of Corruption

by Doomsday Mourning

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released January 17, 2012



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Doomsday Mourning Queens, New York

DOOMSDAY MOURNING is an urban-influenced, no holds barred, metal onslaught from Queens, New York. Since their inception in 2009, the band has taken the metal scene by storm, utilizing their punishing grooves and brutally honest lyrics. Built on a foundation of street credibility, dark intensity, and sheer brutality, DOOMSDAY MOURNING continues to unfold in new and creative directions. ... more

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Track Name: Zero Minutes
Left out of the show, backstage
Guilty by association, your lame ass crew
Pretend, on your knees like all the rest of them
Don't be confused

Yeah and this goes out to all you pussy motherfuckers
Dropping names, riding coat tails and sucking dick
You know who the fuck you are. You bitch made motherfuckers.

I won't apologize for this and play your games
I tried to let you live your lives, you're all the same
No comparison, you dick ride for fame
Rumors, internet hype, I can tell that it got to you!

You pussies sound the same, living out your nightmare
Its the same old song
Sucking dick and droppin names, living out your nightmare
time and time again, the same old song

You never thought it'd come to this
I'll light a match and burn this bridge
Burn! Burn! Burn!

(Feat Kevin from Line of Scrimmage)
My patience is wearing far too thin,
So tired of the "flavor of the week" bullshit!
And I don't know how much more I can take,
Before I clean house, and put my best foot forward
To the front of your face! To the front of your face!
Track Name: Player Haters Ball
I'm out to hurt you, vengeance tastes sweet
Its just the pettiness inside of me, that won't let me be.
Simple solutions just don't exist, I've fucked up my life before.
I know, it's me!

(Feat Rick This or the Apocalypse)
And I threw sand in every fucking gear
That kept my head up high
That kept my conscious here
And I get why you all just turn your back
You gave it your best shot, yeah I get that
But I can't help but feel like you've been looking just like targets.

Your darkside backs down, disproving me,
as your, darkside backs down
As I'm a broken mess, your darkside backs down

My painful lessons, still grabbing hold of me
Let go of me, let go of me, let go of me!
I know its me

Lying laughing,
Smile politely showing nothing
Brilliant strategy,
'Till your loved ones start to wonder:
When did you become so fucking cold?
Isolation, this is what was meant to be!
Let me go!
Track Name: Culture Of Corruption
You misguided simple bitch
I never owed you shit
you misguided simple bitch
I never owed you shit

Die! and now you don't mean shit to me
Thats right

Egos, power trips, nonsense posturing, its too late
wave goodbye, cut your ties, blackmail me with van payments

You bought a van and tried to own me,
your power trips ain't worth a fucking thing,
came back with nothing acting jaded trying to run shit
your daddy's money made you lose your mind!

Glad to see you go, history

Rethink, your attempts to stay and now you're back again
Rethink, before you back track again and now you're playing mind games with friends, thats right!

(Feat TJ from Knuckle Up!)
Severed ties all bets are off, no white flags no peace talk
no self respect, no self worth.
Just a hollowed out chest, a gassed up fucking head
no respect from me no second chances.
Selfish fucking soul!!

You drove outta that parking thinking you had shit all figured out
thinking you had clout with weight to throw around, coming at me
with some condescending attitude like I was suddenly beneath you
you got some nerve talking about loyalty and respect
when you're just a fucking asshole!

Your tendancies to bullshit, reject!
Your tendancies to blackmail, backfired!
I swear to god I saw this coming,
I knew it would come to this!

Now we're through, never again!
Will your words ring true? Never again!
Track Name: Legends Are Made Not Broken
It was respect you've always craved,
to validate your shallow life of shit.
Its such a joke to know thats how you think!
You hope you've hit the jackpot,
But you failed to read between the lines.
Another liar plays a desperate clown,
Its a perfect time to tell you...

You suck! You deserve,
The worst life has to offer!
No shame, no fame, a joke for eternity!

Your sad insecurity,
has your mind blocked out from reality.
I hope, that sad insecurity...rots! your mind!

Choke on your tears, tears of your bitterness!

You're just a failure, a hater, a fraud.
I know you suffer and grovel alone
You can't fool me, your actions speak louder than words!
You're weakness is starting show,
You're broken...
Track Name: Oneone3sevenoh
I can't take blame

Lost, inside my head, born into drugs and lying.
Doubt, doesn't matter at all, even when your destiny finally bleeds you dry
All alone, all this bullshit almost erased the real me.
No apologies, ever since you fucking decided to wreck my life.

I can't take blame

So how do you explain this sad life of crime?
Careless to the point of incarceration.
Don't give a fuck, just don't give a fuck
One by one,
Handcuffs to your wrist again
You just dont give a mother fuckin FUCK
Brace for sentencing.
Leave it to your greed again,
Or better yet your fiends again
So they can help you fall.

I gave up nothing, to betray you
I can't defend my actions
But you're taking all the blame
from now on.

(Feat Eric D from The Confrontation)
When it rains it pours, when it comes to you!
What the fuck can I do? What the fuck did I do?